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Admission Guide for Research Students in the Graduate School

The University of Electro-Communications (hereinafter referred to as UEC) can accept students who wish to conduct specific research topics in graduate school as “Research Student”. “Research Student” is allowed to pursue own research interest under his/her supervisor’s guidance; however, it is neither eligible to earn credits and a degree, nor considered as full-time students such as “undergraduate students” and “graduate students”.

For Prospective Research Students, April 2024

Research Terms

From April 1st, 2024 to March 31st, 2025
If you are planning to continue your research activity on next academic year, you are required to apply for extension of research period during the designated time; the register is scheduled for January, 2025. Research students can be enrolled for up to two years in total.

How to Apply

You carefully read a guideline “Applying for Admission” and fill out the forms. If you are an international applicants, see also “A Guideline for Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence (CoE)

*We will update the website for October 2024 enrollment around late-April, 2024.

For Research Student who Hope to Continue your Study in UEC

We will send further information about the extension of research period by e-mail in December, 2024.

For Research Student who Completed your Research

Please fill out the following forms: Completed Research Form and Research Summary (Form 4), and submit them to the International Student Office by the end of your research period. If you would like to receive the Certificate of Completed Research either in English or Japanese, apply it at the International Student Office. Please be aware that you are not allowed to stay in Japan with the visa status of “Student”, when you stop your research activity (except for enrolling another educational institution).

For Prospective UEC Graduate Students

We recommend you to confirm the requirements as an International Student to apply for the graduate school at UEC: for instance the minimum period required of study.

For more information, see the following link in below.


Applicants without Japanese citizenship must satisfy ONE of the following requirements to take entrance examinations for master’s program of Japanese graduate school.
  • Persons who have graduated and obtained a Bachelor’s degree, or are expected to graduate and obtain a Bachelor’s degree, from a university in Japan.
  • Persons who have completed or are expected to complete 16 years of school education outside Japan. AND, Persons who hold or are expected to receive a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Persons who passed an applicant’s qualification screening conducted by the UEC. (You are able to apply for the qualification screening after you enter the UEC as a research student.)

If you have not graduated from a university in Japan, please be careful to make sure if you have completed 16 years of school education in a foreign country. Since school educational systems vary from country to country, such as a five-year elementary school or a two-year junior high school, you have to pay attention not to miss an opportunity to go on to a Japanese graduate school because of such differences in educational systems.

Download Forms

Application Form【Form 1】
Application Form【Form 1】 (Sample)
Research Proposals【Form 2】
Academic Supervisor Confirmation Form【Form 3】
Completed Research Form【Form 4】
Decline Admission Form【Form 6】
Decline Continuous Form【Form 7】
Pledge【Form 10】
Online CoE Application Form

Q & A

Q1 Should I obtain permission from an academic supervisor of UEC by the time I apply for admission?

A1: Yes, applicants are required to obtain permission from the supervisor in order to apply for admission.

Q2 How to find an academic supervisor of UEC?

A2:First, go to the websites listed below or type “Laboratory for the University of Electro-Communications” at Google searching based on your research interests.
Second, contact directly to UEC faculty members by e-mail, phone or visiting to receive his/her permission.

Q3 I am an International applicants (living overseas), but I cannot find any proxy in Japan (a legal representative). What should I do?

A3:To apply from outside Japan, it is required to have a proxy. If you cannot find him/ her, unfortunately you are not qualified to apply for admission.

Q4 I would like to advance from a research student to a master's program, but how much Japanese language proficiency do I need?

A4:The entrance examination for the master's program is conducted in Japanese, and course registration and research activities in the laboratory are also basically conducted in Japanese. For this reason, it is necessary for you to aim for at least N2 level Japanese language proficiency by the time you take the entrance exam for the master's program.

Q5 Can UEC issue the Student Commuter Certificate for purchasing Student Commuter Pass for a research student?

A5:No. The research student is NOT qualified for student discounts.

Q6 Can I audit the classes at UEC?

A6:A research student can audit the classes related to his/her research fields. To audit the class, permissions from both an Academic Supervisor and a faculty member who conducts the class are required.
Note; You are not eligible to obtain credits as a research student.

Q7 Can UEC renew a residence card to extend period of stay in Japan as student status?

A7: ISO can support your applying for extension of period of stay. Visit the following link for detailed information.

Q8 Is it necessary for research students to buy a student insurance?

A8:Yes. It is mandatory for UEC research students to join the Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives Coupled with "Gakkensai" for International Students. Please refer to a brochure listed below.
Contact Us

International Student Office
#117, Building E-2, University of Electro-Communications
Open Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m./1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
       *Office will be closed during the weekend
Tel: 042-443-5117
E-mail:iso(please add @sign here)