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Department of Informatics

After learning fundamental informatics knowledge and how to apply that knowledge, students receive practical education in the use and application of information. This education includes not only information related to engineering, but also information about humans and society. Students in their third year and later are divided into three separate programs where they are trained to become information technology innovators whose work will support a golden age of information technology.

Department Characteristics

By training engineers who will pioneer and develop new applications for information technology, the Department of Informatics strives to adapt to changes in the information environment—such as the spread of information devices throughout society, the diversity of information media, various threats to information, and the growing applications of information to a variety of fields—and to enhance society through the advancement of person-to-person and person-to-society communication.
First and second year students are given the hardware and software training that they need to become information engineers. A large number of seminars are incorporated into the curriculum to help students develop the ability to apply what they've learned.

Learning/Teaching Goals

Please refer to the education policy of the Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering for the learning/teaching goals of this department.

Specialty Programs

Students in their third year and later are divided into three separate programs: Media Science and Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, and Information Security Engineering. In these programs, students receive practical education focused on the specific information-application technology covered by their program.

Media Science and Engineering Program

Students learn about using information technology as a foundation for developing and applying abundant and convenient information media. Students learn about sensory media that apply information processing to video, audio, pressure, and the like; intelligent media that use artificial intelligence and software agents; and network media that can be depended on at any time and place. Students also learn about communicating and creating works of art using these types of media. In addition, students receive a multifaceted education about how media and humans interact that includes media theory and communication theory.

Management Science and Engineering Program

Students learn methods and techniques for creatively and efficiently managing companies and organizations through the use of management information and the application of information technology. Management information includes information about production management, quality, and reliability, which are deeply connected to manufacturing. It also includes information related to software, and more broadly, it includes information relating to humans, psychology, perception, language, finance, and money. In this program, students learn a wide variety of methods for using management information and learn the mathematical models, computer technology, and other technologies that are indispensable for the application of these methods.

Information Security Engineering Program

This program involves education and research that gives students the safety enhancement techniques and the wide variety of system and service design and management skills they need to manage the threats to information resulted from our realization of an information society. Students are taught about networking, system-management, security technology, and other subjects. Teaching materials include methods for assessing the safety of encryption and authentication technology; security system design methods; methods for designing, developing, and operating various networks; and methods for processing and managing multimedia information.

List of Instructors

The instructors are the instructors in the Faculty of Informatics and Engineering. Please refer to the list of instructors for the Faculty of Informatics and Engineering.

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