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Department of Information System Fundamentals

The Department of Information System Fundamentals conducts education and research centered on the new areas of computer science that will become important in the IT era of the 21st century. The department takes in students with backgrounds in a wide range of field such as information engineering and related fields and trains them to be experts. The department concentrates on the four areas: OS and programming languages for the ubiquitous cloud era and Internet software research; network computing and algorithms aimed at media processing and pattern recognition; algorithms for data engineering and data mining that handle massive data volumes; and next-generation high-performance, low-energy use computing.

Learning/Teaching Goals

Please refer to the Graduate School of Information Systems' education policy for this department's learning/teaching goals.

Original website of the Department of Information System Fundamentals

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See this site for a general introduction to research in this department as well as more detailed information on the department.

Subject Areas

This department has the following five subject areas.

Laboratory for Foundations of Information Systems

In this subject area, we study the algorithms and data structure that form the base for realizing information systems, starting with a recognition of the vital role played by the basic academic fields in information system technology when it comes to designing and building information systems.

Laboratory for Software Fundamentals

The research target of this subject area is advanced system software with its sights set on execution speed, ease of use and high reliability. An example is design and construction methods for parallel systems where two or more programs operate in concert.

Laboratory for Database Systems

In this subject area, we tackle research on basic technology related to the management and use of high-volume and diversifying data. We conduct education and research into software to handle the mountains of high volume data through data searches, compression and discrete structural analysis.

Laboratory for High Performance Computing

Technology for high-speed, large-scale, ubiquitous, parallel/distributed computer systems is becoming essential. In this subject area, we carry out education and research concerning these foundational technologies in information systems from both a theoretical and practical perspective and targeting both hardware and software.

Laboratory for Genetic Hardware

In this subject area, we conduct education and research concerning the hardware system technology that will be the foundation for next-generation information systems. These include embedded systems, high-performance systems, high-reliability systems and reconfigurable systems.


All the information related to classes including list of classes, diagram of classes and syllabus are gathered at the link below. Please refer to this information when deciding on which classes to take.

List of Instructors

Please refer to the list of instructors in the Graduate School of Information Systems.

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