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Department of Information Network Systems

Information network technology, typified by the Internet, is rapidly developing and is becoming an indispensable social infrastructure. The forms of usage of information networks are diversifying, and the study and introduction of a variety of networks is being conducted with an eye on the coming ubiquitous society. In the Department of Information Network Systems, we carry out education and research concerning theory and technology regarding the high-functionality, high-performance and reliability of information networks from the standpoint of the “fundamental technology that supports communication,” that is found in the various information systems concerning man and society.

Learning/Teaching Goals

Please refer to the Graduate School of Information Systems' education policy for this department's learning/teaching goals.

Original website of the Department of Information Network Systems

(Opens in a new window.)Department of Information Network Systems

See this site for a general introduction to research in this department as well as more detailed information on the department.

Subject Areas

This department has the following five subject areas.

Laboratory for Network and Information Theory

In this subject area, we conduct research on information theory and related areas. Concretely, research covers information theory issues including data compression and communications path encoding; information spectrum theory, quantum information theory, information geometry and cryptographic systems based on information theory concepts.

Laboratory for Network Architecture

The target of this subject area is various networks, including mobile networks, high-speed Internet and ad hoc networks. We also carry out education and research concerning network construction methods and operation methods.

Laboratory for Network Computing

This subject area conducts a wide range of education and research on systems and services made up of networks and computers from distributed parallel computers to home information appliances.

Laboratory for Application Networking

Employing advanced information transmission network technology, this subject area conducts education and research with an eye on a wide range of applications from methodologies for building various network application systems to performance evaluation and implementation.

Laboratory for Network Security

This subject area carries out education and research to usher in various foundation technologies that establish information network safety and reliability in the diversifying information communication system.


All the information related to classes including list of classes, diagram of classes and syllabus are gathered at the link below. Please refer to this information when deciding on which classes to take.

List of Instructors

Please refer to the list of instructors in the Graduate School of Information Systems.

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