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Department of Social Intelligence and Informatics

In the Department of Social Intelligence and Informatics we consider information systems from the standpoint of society and human beings. We seek the fundamental principles of information systems and understanding of and solutions for various social activities (business, economics, education, government administration, policy and organizations). We also conduct design-oriented research vis-à-vis these social activities. The department cultivates information engineers and researchers who use this research to build information systems that create intelligence and who have a firm grounding in knowledge and technology that achieves safety and security.

Learning/Teaching Goal

Please refer to the Graduate School of Information Systems' education policy for department learning/teaching goals.

Original website of the Department of Social Intelligence and Informatics

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See this site for a general introduction to research in this department as well as more detailed information on the department.

Subject Areas

This department has the following six subject areas.

Laboratory for Accommodating System and Network Design

In this subject area, we elucidate the duties, roles and contributions of information systems and information networks required to realize an enriching advanced information society, as seen through the eyes of society and organizations, while also researching the architecture, creation, methodologies and software engineering of these systems.

Laboratory for Knowledge Computing and Building System

This subject area creates a learning environment for the development of human capabilities in a knowledge-based society. We conduct research whose goal is the pursuit of technology for the creation, accumulation and reuse of individual and social knowledge arising from interactions between individuals and society.

Laboratory for Social Informatics

In this subject area, we investigate the information revolution occurring in society from the standpoint of the social system and human beings, and work on the design and evaluation of systems with strong social components in order to create and implement information systems in an advanced information and communications environment.

Laboratory for Management Informatics

In this subject area, we investigate management and administration in a variety of organizations from the viewpoint of “information in organizations.” We conduct education and research using analysis, investigation and surveys with the goal of designing and proposing practical management tools.

Laboratory for Policy Informatics

The research targets of this subject area are the fields of creation of new industries that produce a high value, technology management and information network policy. We investigate the structure and management found in these fields from the perspective of the study of informatics.

Laboratory for Information Systems Management

In this subject area, we conduct research and education to improve the quality, reliability and security of systems found in an advanced technology society of the 21st century.


All the information related to classes including list of classes, diagram of classes and syllabus are gathered at the link below. Please refer to this information when deciding on which classes to take.

List of Instructors

Please refer to the list of instructors in the Graduate School of Information Systems.

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