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Education and Campus Life

Exercise Facilities

These facilities are used for regular curriculum physical education courses, school events, regular club practice, and other purposes.

Exercise Facilities


Area: 1,190 m2

One basketball court, two volleyball courts, and six badminton courts

Gymnasium II

Area: 642 m2

Training room, kendo studio, and table tennis room

Martial Arts Hall

Area: 526m2

Judo hall

Swimming Pool

Six 25-meter lanes

Field for Outdoor Sports

Archery ground and seven tennis courts (including hard courts and courts with artificial turf weighted with sand)

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Tamagawa Athletic Field

Area: 39,231m2

Track-and-field facilities, soccer and rugby field, baseball field, four tennis courts (with artificial turf weighted with sand),

, nighttime lighting, and administration building.

Access Map

Address: 7-38-1 Tamagawa, Chofu-shi, Tokyo

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