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Education and Campus Life

Student Dormitories

Information for UEC Port Student Dormitory Application

Application for UEC Port Student Dormitory is still open.
※We will close the application immediately once all rooms are occupied.
※Rooms for female students in Dorm KIZUNA are not available.

Special offers are available to applicant of Dorm TOMODACHI now!

※If you make a group application for Dorm TOMODACHI with your friend(s), you and your friend(s) can move in same unit.
※If there is a vacant room in a unit where your friend lives now, you can move in the unit.
Please contact UEC Port management company if you are interested in the special offers.

To international students who wish to apply for UEC Port Student Dormitory:
If you meet the specific conditions, you are eligible to apply for UEC Port Student Dormitory for this academic year. Please consult with International Student Office by email before you make an application.

UEC Port Student Dormitory Room Viewing

Model units in Dorm KIZUNA and Dorm TOMODACHI are open now for viewing. To book a viewing, please contact Management Company of UEC Port by email.

JSB Co., Ltd.
Management Company of UEC Port.

The University of Electro-Communications UEC Port Student Dormitories


The University of Electro-Communications (UEC) opens new facility “UEC Port” in the south of UEC Chofu Campus in 2017 as the 100th anniversary campus.
UEC Port purports “Port of Unique & Exciting Campus”. The name “UEC Port” was given in the hope that it would become a gateway to all visitors to UEC and a station for “Comprehensive Communication Science” between individuals, individuals and nature, individuals and society, and between individuals and man-made objects that UEC is aiming for.
UEC can develop a good quality, safe and secure facility under this 100th anniversary campus project as well as reduce the financial burden of university by making use of the private sector’s know-how and planning skill. In addition, their know-how and skills can provide better services, such as long-term stable management, maintenance and operation by low-priced, to UEC Port users, such as UEC students, faculty members and guests. New student dormitories, Dorm KIZUNA (Studio Apartment type) and Dorm TOMODACHI (Apartment Shares type), open in UEC Port.

Dorm KIZUNA (Studio Apartment type)
Furnished studio apartment

Dorm TOMODACHI (Apartment Shares type)
Total 6 furnished single bedrooms with shared a kitchen, lounge, laundry facilities and two shower rooms, etc. in one apartment

UEC Port Student Dormitory Address:

1-1-1, Kojima-Cho, Chofu, Tokyo, Japan, 182-0026

  • ・A Total of 400 rooms (For male students: 320 / For female students: 80)
    ※Including UEC international students, students of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies,Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and National Institute of Technology,Tokyo College
  • ・A Total of 220 rooms in Dorm KUZUNA (For male students:176 / For female students: 44)
  • ・A Total of 180 rooms in Dorm TOMODACHI ( For male students:144 / For female students: 36)

“Commuting time” (between the nearest station of home and Chofu Station) is an important criterion when screening the application. It means that students who take time from the nearest station of home to Chofu Station to commute to UEC will be given a higher priority.
Application period for new students (including transfer students) will be from the late of January to the mid of February. Please note that the application for student dormitory should be made by applicants separately from the admission application.
Screening result of dormitory application will be notified to successful applicants of university admissions for Round 1 and 2 in 3 days at this website after admissions results are announced. Application for registered students will be opened in the early of July.
The details for UEC Port student dormitory application will be released at this website as soon as it is decided. Room vacancy will be posted on this website or UEC campus noticeboard at any time.

Duration of Tenancy of UEC Port Student Dormitories

The duration of tenancy is generally up to two year. In the case you want to live in the dormitory more than two years, you need to re-apply for the dormitory. If a dormitory room is available, we may give you a permission to stay in the room. However, you will not be allowed to stay in the dormitory beyond the study completed date in the minimum years of study.

  • Property management company of UEC Port student dormitories:
    J.S.B Co., Ltd.

International House

The International House was established as a place for the university's international students and foreign researchers to live. The International House is located on campus. As a rule, residents are allowed to stay there for one year.


International House Administration Section, Student Services Office, Student Support Center
Phone: 042-443-5113

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