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Report: International Workshop IWMST2014

November 11, 2014

The member of the Board of Directors of UEC, Professor Kazushi Nakano (Left) and President of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Professor Kong Jianyi (Right)

International Workshop IWMST2014 (International Workshop on Modern Science and Technology 2014) was held for 2 days (between 30 and 31 October) at one of our overseas partner universities, Wuhan University of Science and Technology (China).
This biennial workshop started off in 2000. It has been held at one of the five institutions; the University of Electro-Communications(Japan), Kitami Institute of Technology(Japan), Harbin Engineering University (China), Wuhan University of Science and Technology(China) or Chin-Yi University of Technology (Taiwan).
The purpose of this workshop is gathering the faculty members and students of the five institutions of Japan, China and Taiwan to promote the collaboration along with the development of science and technology filed through research presentations.
Totally 11 people of UEC students and faculty members, including Vice President and the member of the Board of Directors, Professor Kazushi NAKANO, participated in the workshop. Professor Aiguo MING (Department of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems) gave the keynote speech, and 5 papers were presented at the workshop. Then, the international workshop closed in success. 
Also, the organizing committee by each university’s representative was held to exchange the opinions freely to promote the future student exchange for 5 universities. Next workshop will be held at Chin-Yi University of Technology (Taiwan) in 2016.

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