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Report: Director of SUPMECA (France ) visited UEC.

December 04, 2014

On 28 November 2014, Prof. Alain RIVIERE, Director of our overseas partner institution, Institut Supérieur de Mécanique de Paris (SUPMECA, France), visited UEC, and a signing ceremony was held for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Global Alliance Lab (GAL) between UEC and SUPMECA.

The purpose of this MOU is to enhance faculty and student exchange as well as research collaboration between the two institutions through establishing a joint laboratory (GAL).

Student exchanges, such as the SUPMECA-UEC Student Exchange Training Program, and research collaboration have been conducted actively since UEC and SUPMECA made the partnership. We are hopeful that signing this MOU further strengthens the educational and academic interaction between the two institutions.

Prof. RIVIERE, Director of SUPMECA and Prof. FUKUDA, President of UEC
Photoshooting with the members of SUPMECA
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