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Report:Prof. Pairash Thajchayapong, Senior Advisor, National Science and Technology Development Agency, Thailand, visits UEC

April 13, 2016

Prof. Pairash Thajchayapong, Senior Advisor, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Thailand, visited UEC on January 26, 2016. NSTDA is an agency of the Government in Kingdom of Thailand which evolves administrative strategy, research and development (R&D), technical support and transfer to academia and industry, higher educated human resource development in science and technology. Since Prof. Pairash graduated and received Ph.D. degree from Cambridge University, UK in 1974, he was inaugurated to King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang as the Rector, National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) as the Executive Director, NSTDA as the President, the supervisory authority of NSTDA, Ministry of Science and Technology Thailand as the Permanent Secretary, he has played important roles as the Senior Advisor of NSTDA since 2006. He received the decoration of Knight Commander of the Most Illustrious Order of Chula Chom Klao from His Majesty the King of Thailand in 2005, and more decorations before. He gains the confidence of the Thai Royal family and he has close ties with the Imperial Family of Japan as well. He received Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Award of Japan in 1998 and the Order of Rising Sun Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon from His Majesty the Emperor of Japan in 2007, for his contribution to the academic exchange between Thailand and Japan.
He visited UEC on the occasion of his R&D mission on nano-technology to Japan, as a return call to the visit of Prof. Takashi Fukuda, UEC President to Prof. Pairash at NSTDA in July, 2015. Prof. Kazushi Nakano, Executive Director of UEC received Prof. Pairash on behalf of Prof. Fukuda on the way of his official trip abroad, talked about the historical background, higher education for the globalizing world trends, and integrated research activities of advanced science and technology as one of the nineteen research universities selected by Government, of UEC marking the 100th anniversary in 2018. He also expressed his gratitude to Prof. Pairash for his leading coordination of the UEC International Internship Program at NECTEC under NSTDA who has received sixteen UEC graduate students in total for their valuable internship studies in the world level research environment of NECTEC, over the past seven years since 2009. In the following meeting of the academic exchange program between NSTDA and UEC, relevant UEC staffs exchanged opinions with Prof. Pairash on the evolution of relations. After the meeting, Prof. Pairash had a campus tour of the four laboratories relevant to the main research topics in NECTEC, namely Shouno-Lab (the recovery of PET images), Ichikawa-Lab (Info-Powered Energy System), Nakagawa-Lab (LASER Science), Ishibashi-Lab (Low Power Integrated Electronics), for his better understanding of research activities in UEC.

Prof.Pairash had a meeting with Prof.Nakano and UEC staffs. From right to left, Prof.Watanabe, Prof.Kino, Prof.Pairash, Prof.Nakano, Miss Patcharaon (International scholar of Shiga University from Thailand), Prof.Takahashi.
Prof.Pairash presenting a souvenir of NSTDA to Prof.Nakano.
Prof.Pairash exchanging opinions on “Virtual Grid” with Prof.Ichikawa.
Prof.Pairash exchanging opinions on the atom control using the micro optical trap with Prof.Ken-ichi Nakagawa under the guide of Prof.Nakano
Prof.Pairash exchanging opinions with Prof.Ishibashi on the energy harvesting sensor network
At the UEC front gate, Prof.Pairash on the right, Miss Patcharoan on the left.
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