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Report:Irago Conference 2016 is held at UEC, Tokyo

November 11, 2016

The Irago Conference 2016 was held 1-2 November 2016 at the University of Electro-Communications, Chofu City, Tokyo.

Since its inception in 2011, the “Interdisciplinary Research And Global Outlook” conference has been recognized as a unique platform for a “360 degree outlook on critical scientific and technological challenges for a sustainable society”. In particular, the conference offers an excellent opportunity for graduate students to interact firsthand with internationally acclaimed experts from wide ranging of disciplines, as well as publish referred, open access papers in the AIP Conference Proceedings series.

Organized jointly by UEC, Tokyo and Toyohashi University of Technology, the theme of this year’s conference was “Waves in Science”, and approximately 200 participants actively listened to invited talks that ranged from gravitational waves and the future of music therapy, to 5G mobile communications and photon-nano science.

Specifically, there 19 invited talks, including speakers from South Africa, Hong Kong, and USA; 3 contributed oral presentations; 14 talks at the Graduate Student Session; and 90 posters.

Participants gathered for a group photo at the break of the IRAGO 2016 conference.
Attendees discussing the research presented at the Poster Session.

Highlights of the conference include the Best Presentation Award for the Graduate Student Sessions held during the lunch breaks, and the Best Poster Award. Notably, the entire proceedings were transmitted live via the internet, reflecting the global nature of the conference.

In addition to the wide ranging technical discussions, Irago is also famous for the exciting and thought provoking conference banquet and social events. This year’s events included the energetic sounds of Japanese drums (wadaiko), classical music based on a fusion of ‘koto’, vocal, violin, and piano, as well as popular sounds performed by members of UEC staff.

Japanese drums (WADAIKO) performed by Team HIMIKO.
The Irago Conference 2016
(Time 21:20)

The Irago Conference 2017 is scheduled to be held at UEC, Tokyo in October/November 2017.

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