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Report:UEC participated in WUST'S 120th Anniversary Celebration

November 5, 2018

On 26 October, Prof. Abe, the Vice President of UEC, and Assist. Prof. Sasaki visited Wuhan University of Science and Technology (WUST) and attended the 2018 University President Forum and 120th Anniversary Celebration of WUST. Prof. Abe participated in the President Forum as a presenter together with WUST's overseas partners from England, the U.S., Germany, Singapore and others. Prof. Abe started his presentation with congratulatory speech, and then gave introductory presentation of UEC's research and education strategies. In the panel discussion, panelists and audience shared their insights and had active discussion on growing impact of AI on society.

After the 2018 University President Forum, Celebration ceremony of 120th Anniversary of WUST was held in which Chinese government officers and notable WUST alumni gave congratulatory speeches; and entertainments performed by students and alumni of WUST delighted the audience.

During the visit to WUST, UEC delegates had the opportunity of having individual meeting with WUST President Ni and Prof. Geng, the Director of Office of International Relations, and had fruitful discussion for the future collaboration.

President Ni and Prof. Abe
2018 University President Forum
Presentation of Prof. Abe
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