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Center for Photonic Innovation


The mission of the Center for Photonic Innovation is to develop the results of the basic optics and photonics research of the university into new innovation and to engage in joint research and development with companies to transform this new innovation into practical technology that will contribute to society.

The center was founded as part of the Strategic Promotion of Innovative Research and Development Program of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), and is engaged in a project to develop quantum photonics information technology using nano optical fiber. The University of Electro-Communications pioneered the use of nano optical fiber. Nano optical fibers are normal communication optical fibers that have been converted to ultrafine fibers through a process in which the fibers are partially heated and stretched so that they have sub-micron diameters and are less than 1/100th the width of a human hair. Because the light propagation mode of these ultrafine fibers is focused in the very small range of the approximate wavelength of the fiber periphery, the interaction of light and matter in the fibers is significantly different from that in normal free space.
The goal of this project is to pioneer the practical application of this characteristic of nano micro fibers to the production of quantum information technology, which is being researched and developed globally as an information technology for the near future. In particular, we are proceeding with research and development into embedding single photon generation and quantum memory, which are fundamental features of quantum information technology, into fiber communication networks.

To implement this research, we are actively forging partnerships with research facilities around the world and exchanging researchers with Harvard University in the United States and the Vienna University of Technology in Austria. The center has an international atmosphere, with researchers and graduate students from Japan, India, China, and New Zealand researching together. That's why conversations and meetings at the center primarily take place in English.

Period of Establishment

April 1, 2010, to March 31, 2019