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Center for Frontier Science and Engineering


The University of Electro-Communications has produced outstanding research achievements in information and communications technology (ICT) and related fields and is actively training young researchers within the environment that produced those research achievements.

The Center for Frontier Science and Engineering was founded to promote the training of young researchers and their educational and research activities by providing support so that specially-appointed tenure-track faculty and tenure-track associate professors, who were selected through the tenure-track system implemented by the university, can pursue independent research activities.
In 2007, the University of Electro-Communications was chosen to receive the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Special Coordination Funds for the Promotion of Science and Technology to promote environments that foster the independence of young researchers. With this funding, the university implemented the Global Human Resource Development Program for Young Researchers in Frontier Science for five years until 2011. As a result of this program, two specially appointed tenure-track associate-professors and 14 specially-appointed tenure-track assistant professors are affiliated with the center for the duration of their tenure track periods.
There are also associate professors affiliated with the center who have been selected as part of the UEC Tenure-Track Program, which is a permanent personnel system that has been in place since 2010 and is intended to permanently provide the young researcher training functions established by the above program.

The center trains young researchers, engages in efforts to train independent individuals, provides support for tenure acquisition, and builds and enhances a system for producing science and engineering researchers and educators who will succeed on a global level.

Global Human Resource Development Program for Young Researchers Webpage

You can visit this site to view an overview of the project and introductions to young researchers.

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