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Research Promotion Center


The Research Promotion Center was established in February 2014 to enhance the research capabilities of the university by taking strategic measures that include the support of university research activities and the development of the university research environment. The center consists of the following four offices, which perform their duties through collaboration with administrative organizations such as the Center for Industrial and Governmental Relations and the Research Cooperation Office.

Office for Research Planning

The goal of the Office for Research Planning is to carry out the investigation, planning, and research support that are necessary to enhance the research capabilities of the university. The office works with the other Research Promotion Center offices and with other university organizations to carry out a wide range of duties that contribute to the enhancement of the research of the university. The university research administrators (URAs) belong to this office, to the other offices of the center, and to the Center for Industrial and Governmental Relations, and they engage in research management activities that include research surveys, analyses, planning, and researcher support.

Office for Research Activities

The Office for Research Activities primarily consists of faculty members from various departments. The office handles a wide range of research-activity-promotion duties, including planning various measures for promoting research activities; handling outside competitive funding for research; and recruiting, selecting, and evaluating applicants for competitive funding from within the university.

Office for International Cooperation

The Office for International Cooperation works together with the Center for International Programs and Exchange and other organizations and is engaged in a variety of support activities that promote international collaboration and contribute to the enhancement of the international research capabilities of the university. For example, the office plans and supports international joint research and spreads knowledge of the university's research accomplishments overseas.

Office for Women Researchers

The Office for Women Researchers is involved in a wide range of activities that contribute to the promotion of the research activities of female researchers. For example, the office works to improve research environments for female researchers and provide assistance to support their research; provides consultation regarding childbirth, childcare, home nursing care, and campus affairs; and gathers and makes available relevant administrative information.