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About UEC


As of Apr 1, 2019

Title Name
President Takashi FUKUDA
Member of the Board of Directors
(Research and International Strategy)
Kazushi NAKANO
Member of the Board of Directors (Education Strategy) Katsumi TANAKA
Member of the Board of Directors (Management Strategy) Takashi UEMURA
Member of the Board of Directors (General and Financial Affairs) Norio HAKOTA
Auditor Masaji MATSUYAMA
Auditor Haniwa NATORI
Senior Adviser to the President Makoto KAJITANI
Vice-president (Research) Kenji YURA
Vice-president (Education) Kohji ABE
Vice-president (Student Support) Masayoshi WATANABE
Vice-president (Admissions and Public Relations) Michiko TSUBAKI
Adviser to the President (International Public Relations) Adarsh SANDHU
Adviser to the President (Extention Promotion) Motonori TAMURA
Adviser to the President (Investor Relations) Jun NAKAMURA
Special Adviser to the President (Inspection) Taku SAKAI
Special Adviser to the President
(Industry-academia-government collaboration)
Hajimu KISHI
Special Adviser to the President (Information security) Wataru MITSUHASHI
Director, Academic Institute Seiichi SHIN
Dean, School of Informatics and Engineering Seiichi SHIN
Dean, Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering Shun-ichi TANO
Dean, Graduate School of Information Systems Akihiko OHSUGA
Director, Division of Collabolatives Education Shun-ichi TANO
Director, Department of Academic Engineering Services Kouichi YAMAGUCHI
Director, Office of Evaluations Katsumi TANAKA
Director, Office of Inspection Taku SAKAI
Director, Office of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health Norio HAKOTA
Director, Office for Research Activities Kazushi NAKANO
Director, Executive Office for Research Strategy Takashi FUKUDA
Director, Office for International Strategy Kazushi NAKANO
Director, Office for Diversity and Inclusion Kenji YURA
Director, Office of Institutional Programs and Exchange Jun NAKAMURA
Director, Organization for Comprehensive Communication Sciences Initiatives Katsumi TANAKA
Director, Office of Comprehensive Communication Sciences Initiatives Kenji YURA
Director, Research Organization for Coherent Photon Science Kazushi NAKANO
Director, Institute for Laser Science Kenichi NAKAGAWA
Director, Institute for Advanced Science Masayuki KATSURAGAWA
Director, Advanced Wireless and Communication Research Center Takeo FUJII
Director, Center for Space Science and Radio Engineering Yasuhide HOBARA
Director, Center for Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering Yutaka Kano
Director, Info-Powered Energy System Research Center Tomio OHKAWA
Director, Artificial Intelligence eXploration Research Center Yasuhiro MINAMI
Director, Nanotribology Research Center Naruo SASAKI
Director, Center for Frontier Science and Engineering Katsumi TANAKA
Director, Office for Joint Innovative PhD Programs Katsumi TANAKA
Director, Office for Global Education Kohji ABE
Director, Office for Education for Practical Communication Hiroaki OKU
Director, Office for Advanced IT and Global Creative Engineering Education Hisayuki AOYAMA
Director, Office for International PBL Education XIAO Fengchao
Director, Office for Global Alliance Laboratory Hisayuki AOYAMA
Director, University Library Kaoru MINOSHIMA
Director, Health Care Center Masayoshi WATANABE
Director, Organization for Education and Student Support Katsumi TANAKA
Director, Education Development Center Kohji ABE
Director, Student Support Center Masayoshi WATANABE
Director, Admissions Research Center Michiko TSUBAKI
Director, Information Technology Center Hiroki HONDA
Director, Center for Developing e-Learning Akihiro KASHIHARA
Director, Laboratory Education Support Center Masaru SUZUKI
Director, Manufacturing Design Center for Education and Research Takashi KUBOKI
Director, Center for International Programs and Exchange Shin-ichi WATANABE
Director, Coordinated Center for UEC Research Facilities Masaru SUZUKI
Director, Center for Industrial and Governmental Relations Sadao OBANA
Director, UEC Alliance Center Takashi UEMURA
Director, UEC Alliance Center for Management support Tetsuo KIRIMOTO
Director, Center for Community Relations Takeshi MIYAZAKI
Director, Public Relations Center Michiko TSUBAKI
Director, UEC ASEAN Research Center (UARC) Koichiro ISHIBASHI
Director, UEC Shenzhen Center for Education and Research Hiroshi YOKOI
Director, UEC Museum of Communications Kenji YURA
Director, UEC Centennial Project Office Kazushi NAKANO
Director, 80th Anniversary Memorial Hall Takeshi MIYAZAKI
Director, University Foundation Secretary General Takashi UEMURA
About UEC