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Introducing the Faculty of Informatics and Engineering (Night School Program)

The Faculty of Informatics and Engineering carries out education and research based on the new concept of “Comprehensive Communication Sciences,” and it is made up of four departments and one program (night school program). To respond to the interests of the generation that will carry us into the future and generate the talented individuals that society truly desires, we have put together an educational program that stresses the acquisition of practical skills.

Faculty of Informatics and Engineering Program

Admissions Policy

The night school program was established to provide working students and members of the general society with the opportunity to obtain the requisite specialized education for monozukuri (traditional Japanese concept of craftsmanship) related to the “Comprehensive Communication Sciences.” The program cultivates specialist professionals who have acquired the basic and practical skills required to understand and resolve from an engineering standpoint the technological issues that occur in industry.
To do so, we admit a wide range of goal-oriented students.

Type of Students Sought

Persons who will work to acquire the knowledge and technology related to “Comprehensive Communication Sciences” and the natural sciences upon which it is founded and who are full of desire to contribute with a broad perspective to the development of society through the creation of objects and systems. Also, working members of society who want to acquire new knowledge and technology to cope with the development of technological innovations and the changing structure of industry and want to make further contributions to the development of society.

What Is “Comprehensive Communication Science?”

To ensure the sustainable development of mankind, we will have to outgrow the materialistic civilization of the 20th century and realize a “society where all people can live enriching lives.” We believe that technological innovations that put the greatest emphasis on the two-way communications between “individual and individual,” “individuals and nature,” “individuals and society” and “individuals and manmade artifacts” will be vital to bringing about such a world. UEC is creating “Comprehensive Communication Sciences” as a new practical science and technology that integrates and systematizes science and technology connected to communications.

Education Program
  • Basic knowledge of scholarship
  • Education policy
  • Curriculum
  • Syllabus
  • List of instructors
  • Qualifications and certificates that can be obtained
  • Fundamental Programs for Advanced Engineering
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