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Department of Informatics

The goal of this department is to cultivate expert specialized engineers who can research and develop new methodologies and theories in applied fields of informatics in order to contribute to the development of society through advanced communication between “people and people” and “people and society” and respond to the many changes in the information environment occurring in today's society.

Specialty Programs

The department has the following three specialty programs.

Media Science and Engineering Program

This program carries out education and research aimed at the creation of enriching and pleasurable new information media based on informatics technology. Research and development is carried out in media that depend on the five senses using information processing of images, sounds and touch; intelligent media using artificial intelligence technology; and social media that can be used anywhere.

Management Science and Engineering Program

This program engages in education and research in the development of new methodologies for implementing management science in companies using information technology. The program establishes mathematics, information and human beings as the educational pillars within the field of management engineering and deals in the design, development and operation of corporate management systems and information systems.

Information Security Engineering Program

This program engages in education and research into the development and application of information security technology with the aim of delivering a safe society. The programs deals with the various security-providing technologies that use information processing, such as computer hardware and software, personal information on networks and media copyright issues.

List of Instructors

The instructors are the instructors in the Faculty of Informatics and Engineering. Please refer to the list of instructors for the Faculty of Informatics and Engineering.