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Department of Engineering Science

This department stresses the importance played by the electronics underlying electronics technology and optics technology. The goal of the master's degree program is to cultivate expert engineers who can research and develop new methods and theories that will contribute to society, based on their education and research in electronics engineering, optoelectronics engineering, physical engineering, quantum engineering, molecular engineering and bio-engineering, which form the basis of today's information technologies.

Specialty Programs

The department has the following four specialty programs.

Electronic Engineering Program

With a curriculum that gives a unified overview of nanoelectronics from the basics to applications, this program systematically teaches the structural and operational principles of electronic devices, cutting-edge processing and integration technologies controlled at the nano-scale as well as technologies developed out of the synthesis of those technologies.

Optoelectronics Program

While conducting education from the basic level to the highest level in wide-ranging fields related to opto − functional materials, optical devices, optoelectronics and optical communication/information processing systems − which form the foundation of optoelectronics technology − this program fosters creativity through research activities in the laboratory.

Applied Physics Program

From a commanding understanding of advanced technology based on the properties of atoms and electrons to the discovery and broad application of new materials and new functions, this program cultivates expert specialized engineers who have the capacity for creative action in an advanced industrial technology society but who always have an eye on environmental considerations.

Bioscience and Technology Program

Participants in this program study the hierarchy of organisms, matter and energy production and conversion mechanisms, function expression and control mechanisms, and information transmission and processing mechanisms. This program cultivates talented students who can use these mechanisms to create new science and technology and contribute to the building of a safe and secure recycling-based society where the dominant consideration is the environment.

List of Instructors

The instructors are the instructors in the Faculty of Informatics and Engineering. Please refer to the list of instructors for the Faculty of Informatics and Engineering.