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Report:VIPs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand and Thailand National Nanotechnology Center under Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand Visited UEC

March 16, 2020

Ms. Wiraka Moodhitaporn, Div. Director, Ms. Prapavadee Boonchuaykuakool, Counsellor, and Ms. Yanisa Thanomrod, Attaché, of Dept. of International Economic Affairs, from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand (MOFA), and Dr. Pavadee Aungkavattana, Deputy Executive Director, Dr. Pisist Kumnorkaew, Senior Researcher of Innovative Nano-coating Research Team, Mr. Supinya Upalakalin, Director for Business Innovation and Technology Transfer and Ms. Benyapa Suwan, Manager of International Collaboration Section and Mr. Channarong Prommakan, Senior Coordinator of Alliance Affairs Section from National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC) of National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) under Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand, visited UEC on January 31, 2020. They visited Government's research institutions in collaboration and joined the international exhibition and conference of nano-technologies "nanotech2020" held at Tokyo Big Site, and their visit to UEC was successfully arranged on the occasion. They had a courtesy call to Prof. Takashi Fukuda, President of UEC, exchanged opinions to promote research collaborations and had a campus tour to Shen-Laboratory for the high efficiency use of solar energy with Perovskite Quantum dot solar battery and Kan-Laboratory for the optical information detection in nanometer region and required plasmonic MEMS spectroscope related to the main issue "nano-robot" and relevant nanotechnologies planned for their visit.

As a background of their visit, UEC contracted MOU with NSTDA in 2011, and has evolved the international internship studies of UEC students at National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) under NSTDA, further UEC students have started their internship studies at NANOTEC and National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) under NSTDA as well, the total number of dispatched students has reached 36 students. Additionally, since 2009, the mutual visit and human exchange between UEC and NSTDA has been evolved, VIP visitors from NSTDA are Prof. Prayoon Shiowattana (UEC graduate), Ex-VP of NSTDA in 2011, Prof. Pairash Thajchayapong, Senior Advisor to NSTDA in 2016, Mr. Jessada Jongsukvarakul, Director of International Affairs Division of NECTEC and his colleagues in 2018, Dr. Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn, Senior Research Fellow (Ex-VP of NSTDA and Director of NECTEC) in 2019, thus UEC had the fifth visit of VIPs from Thai Government. On the other hand, UEC Professors have visited NSTDA and the research centers, Prof. Fukuda, President visited NSTDA Headquarters to attend the MOU extension signing ceremony in 2016. The exchange programs covering not only the advanced human resource development like international internship but also research collaborations are expected to be activated.

Courtesy call to UEC President. From the right, Ms. Prapavadee of MOFA, Dr. Pisist, Ms. Supinya of NANOTEC, Ms. Wiraka of MOFA, Prof. Fukuda, UEC President, Dr. Pavadee of NANOTEC, Prof. Nakano, Exec. Board Dir. of UEC, Prof. Abe, UEC VP, Ms.Benyapa of NANOTEC, Prof. Takahashi for International Strategy of UEC, Mr. Channarong of NANOTEC, Assc. Prof. Furukawa for International Strategy of UEC.
Visit to Shen-Lab. Prof. Qing Shen explains Perovskite Quantum-dot Solar Battery to the visitors, From the right, Dr. Pisist, Ms. Benyapa, Dr. Pavadee, Mr. Kentaro Kawabata, 2019 UEC International Internship student under the supervision of Dr. Pisist, and Prof. Shen.
Visit to Kan-Lab. Assc. Prof. Tetsuo Kan explains the R&D of plasmonic MEMS spectroscope to detect the optical information in nano-meter region using plasmonic MEMS spectroscope to the visitors from MOFA of Thailand, Thai Embassy and NANOTEC in the clean room.
At the entrance of UEC Headquarters on departure, from the right, Assc. Prof. Furukawa, Assc. Prof. Nattapong Kitsuwan of UEC who guided the visitors to the campus tour, Ms. Benyapa, Ms. Wiraka, Prof. Takahashi, Dr. Pavadee, Dr. Pisist, Ms. Supinya, Mr. Channarong.
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