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Report:Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda to Japan, H.E. Mr. Rwamucyo visits UEC

February 19, 2021

On February 17, 2021, His Excellency Mr. Ernest RWAMUCYO, Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda visited the University of Electro-Communications (UEC).

H. E. Mr. Ernest RWAMUCYO and Ms. Yuri GODA from Rwanda Embassy in Tokyo, were welcomed by President TANO Shunichi, Mr. UEMURA Takashi and Dr. ABE Kohji, the executive board members, Prof. OKAWA Tomio and Prof. YOKOGAWA Shinji, Info-Powered Energy System Research Center (i-PERC), and Assoc. Prof. ISHIGAKI Yo, Department of Informatics, and they exchanged ideas on possible ways of research and education collaboration between the Republic of Rwanda and UEC.

After the meeting, Prof. ICHIKAWA Haruhisa and Prof. HAYASE Shuji of i-PERC gave research presentations for H. E. Mr. Rwamucyo at "Ambient Intelligence Agora", the active learning space inside the university library. Prof. Ichikawa made a presentation on Virtual Grid, the autonomous decentralized power network, and Prof. Hayase gave presentation on the Next Generation Perovskite Solar Cell. H. E. Mr. Rwamucyo enthusiastically asked questions after the demonstration of Prof. Hayase's laboratory experiments.

In November 2020, UEC donated 4,000 tablet computers to the Republic of Rwanda as part of the Smile Tablet Project, which is spearheaded by Assoc. Prof. Ishigaki and aims to enhance ICT in distance learning and education for environmental health all over the world. H. E. Mr. Rwamucyo described power supply situation of his country after the presentation ceremony of the tablets, and UEC gave introductory presentation of i-PERC and its efforts for global energy conservation and environmental solutions.
Taking this opportunity, UEC invited H. E. Mr. Rwamucyo to visit the university campus to explore ways to develop cooperation between the Republic of Rwanda and UEC.

UEC President Tano (left) and H. E. Mr. Rwamucyo
Demonstration at Prof. Hayase's laboratory
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