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The UEC Tenure Track System for Associate Professors

UEC has promoted a new personnel system with tenure-track program as a university-wide effort since 2007, following the adoption of the “Self-Sustaining Environment Promotion Project for Young Researchers” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
In order to motivate excellent young researchers, the UEC tenure-track system for associate professor will be newly established in April 2022. Candidates will hold the position of “associate professor” during the tenure evaluation period.

System Description

Affiliation of Those Hired

At UEC, all professors belong to the Academic Institute and are assigned to a department in the faculty or a department in the graduate schools most relevant to their specialized field of study. The same is true of tenure track associate professors and tenured professors.

The Mentoring System

Tenure track associate professors fundamentally conduct research independently, but under this system, a mentor professor who has a wealth of experience and expertise is assigned to each of the associate professors. The mentor professor facilitates the associate professor's progress, actively providing guidance and advice to help them achieve tenure, to contribute to their growth as an outstanding educator and researcher, and to help them acquire the leadership and management skills they will need toward this end. To ensure the effectiveness of the guidance and advice they receive, tenure track associate professors are asked to submit an annual self-evaluation report regarding their research and educational activities, along with their research outcomes.

Education and Research Environment

  • UEC provides research space and will support the establishment of an independent research lab.
  • Required research expenses will be paid for associate professors.
  • Associate professors will teach and supervise students within their specific department or graduate school.

Tenure Track Period

The tenure track period refers to the five year period from the time tenure-track associate professors are hired until they are granted tenure. The tenure-track period can be shortened based on the mid-term tenure evaluation or early promotion during the tenure-track period if the candidates have made outstanding achievements.

Tenure Interim Evaluation

The tenure interim evaluation is conducted in the third year after hiring. This evaluation is conducted by the Tenure Interim Evaluation Committee, which includes prominent referees from outside of UEC. The tenure-track period may be shortened for those who have achieved excellent research results. Once tenure is granted, a candidates’ title will be associate professor.

Final Tenure Review

The final tenure review is an examination of credentials conducted to determine whether a tenure candidate should be granted the status of tenured professor by UEC based on a rigorous evaluation of the candidates’ education and research activities and performance at UEC. This review is conducted in the final (fifth) year of the tenure track period and is conducted by the Tenure Review Committee, which includes prominent referees from outside of UEC. Once tenure is granted, a candidates’ title will be associate professor.

Candidates who do not pass the final tenure review

Candidates who do not pass the final tenure review may be allowed to renew their employment contract for up to two years if their applications to continue working at UEC beyond the end of the tenure track period for preparations to move out, etc., is approved.