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Artificial Intelligence eXploration Research Center


The current AI boom started with the deep learning concept that suddenly appeared on the scene in 2011, and shows no signs of losing steam. However, foreign researchers have built up a considerable lead in this area, so Japan may be approaching a critical phase when it comes to AI.

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To achieve a breakthrough in this field, Japan began establishing AI research bases in industry, government and academia in 2012. A number of private universities have already founded research centers as well. As AI accelerates with developments in deep learning and other areas, one significant issue for the future of AI research is the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI). Although some Japanese AI research bases are working on AGI, none consider it a key focus. Since UEC has brought on a large number of the researchers necessary for achieving AGI, we have decided to establish a research base with a focus on AGI research and development. Although some private universities have established such bases, this is the first research center at a national university.

“AI for X” is the Research Center’s fundamental principle of AI research, based on the three pillars of AI for Science, AI for Design, and AI for Service, which in turn are built upon the shared foundation of AGI. Adhering to this basic principle, the Research Center will promote research into new artificial intelligence with the principal objective of achieving AGI by uniting fields such as artificial intelligence and robotics, cognitive science and neuroscience, computer science, and service science. The goal is to implement a highly versatile AGI, which is vital for AI to coexist with humankind, and which will support the social infrastructure of the future.

One base working alone is not enough to spread Japan’s AI research throughout the world. For this reason, in addition to our own teaching staff, the Research Center is aggressively pursuing collaborations with external guest lecturers as well as supporting corporations. Advisors are also on staff to provide consultation and evaluation services related to the Research Center’s research activities.

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