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Info-Powered Energy System Research Center


The Info-Powered Energy System Research Center fosters new global talent and seeks to improve industrial competitiveness through research designed to find solutions for problems related to energy and the environment.

The Research Center’s approach is to strengthen factors that foster renewable energy use by understanding and controlling information related to the production, supply and consumption of energy. We then follow up by working on fundamental solutions for issues surrounding energy and the environment.

While extracting key issues from a global perspective and researching the seeds of new technologies required to solve problems, we are expanding on collaborations between industry, academia and government to find answers via “solution research.” By treating all information systems related to electrical energy production, storage and consumption as a unified system, it will be possible to merge these functions for integrated management and control that promises to reduce total costs and boost convenience.

Our “Info-Powered Energy System” concept reflects that, and was adopted as the name of the Research Center itself. We envision that concept as the foundation for the solutions we intend to develop. In addition to the generation, storage and control of electrical energy, the Research Center will also systematize the security technology necessary to implement this type of system as part of the social infrastructure.

Original website of the Info-Powered Energy System Research Center

You can visit this site to view research introductions, and the like.

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