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Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering

Building on the mastery of fundamental scholarship acquired in the undergraduate program, the Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering is founded on more advanced education and research in the various areas of engineering science that target nature and manmade artifacts, academic areas related to information processing and communications and academic areas related to human knowledge and behavior and complex socioeconomic systems. This graduate school conducts original education and research and development with the goal of creating and systematizing new practical science and technology related to Comprehensive Communication Science in order to realize an advanced communications society where people live together in harmony.

Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering Departments

Fields of Research

Paths after Graduation or Program Completion

Further Education

Most students join the workforce after completion of the master's degree program, but around 10 percent of the students go on to the doctoral program in order to further develop their specialized scholarship.


Graduates of the graduate school are active in many industries, predominantly in fields closely related to the field of expertise they studied at university. UEC graduates have a great reputation. The most common places of employment include a wide variety of fields that put to use the distinctive features of an education from university of engineering science, such as the electronics, communications device and computer manufacturing industry and research and technology jobs related to information processing.

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