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Center for Industrial and Governmental Relations


The objective of the Center for Industrial and Governmental Relations is to provide support to researchers and students at the University of Electro-Communications so that they can actively collaborate with domestic and international industries, other research and development facilities, and the like, and thereby enhance their research and academic capabilities and engage in efforts to encourage industrial development and other forms of positive social change. To that end, the following three departments of the center work closely under one roof with the Research Cooperation Office and Campus Create Co., Ltd., which is the university technology licensing office (TLO).

Industrial Liaison

The Industrial Liaison Office promotes joint research by matching the research “seeds” of the university with the technological needs of businesses, and the like, and provides support for commissioned research applications. To that end, the office publishes OPAL-RING, a laboratory introduction booklet; organizes Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Day, an event at which participants can view research activities; holds research and development seminars throughout the year that introduce recent technological trends; and provides support for participation in various exhibitions and other events.

Venture Business Promotion

The Venture Business Promotion Office trains thoroughly entrepreneurial individuals and supports the creation and growth of startup businesses that utilize university research accomplishments. As part of these efforts, the office holds a startup company creation idea contest that accepts entries from within and outside the university and provides support for classes such as the Introduction to Startup Companies Class for undergraduate students and the Advanced Startup Companies Class for graduate students.

Intellectual Property Office

In accordance with the intellectual property rights policy of the University of Electro-Communications, the Intellectual Property Office strategically supports the creation, acquisition, management, and use of intellectual property in the intellectual activities of faculty and students. More specifically, the office supports the creation of patents within the university; submits patent applications; manages information about intellectual property, including software; works to educate people about intellectual property; and supports undergraduate and graduate education regarding intellectual property rights management.

Partner Organizations

The center works closely with the following organizations to promote industry-academia-government collaboration.

Center for Industrial and Governmental Relations Website

You can visit this site to view information on how to complete procedures for industry-academia-government collaboration, etc.

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