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Education and Campus Life

Student Service Facilities

Section Floor Space Facilities
University Center 3,949m2 (1F) Book and Snack store, Barber, (2F) Cafeteria, (3F) Restaurant,
(4F) Multi-Purpose hall, Meeting room, Music practice rooms (3), Japanese-style room, etc.
West Cafeteria, Convenience Store 470m2 Cafeteria, Convenience Store
Student Dormitory (Goshi - Ryo) 2,235m2 Dorm rooms(120), Single rooms(9.24m2)
Lounges(3), Laundry rooms(10), Kitchenettes(10), Bathrooms(10), Lavatories(10), Office(1), etc.
Student Dormitory (For Women) 507.5m2 Dorm rooms (20), Single rooms (15.6m2)
Student Dormitory (For International Students) 507.5m2 Dorm rooms (20), Single rooms (15.6m2)
Health Care Center 446m2 Consultation room, Interview room, Meeting room, Counseling room, Inspection room
Counseling Room 95m2 Counseling Room
Facilities for Extracurricular Activities 1,783m2 Athletic training room, Music practice room, Meeting room, etc.
Sutudent Hostel (Hamami Ryo) 556m2 Capacity (37), Japanese-style rooms (10), Dining room, Bathroom, Tennis court (1), etc.
Sugadaira Space Radio Observatory Student Hostel 703m2 Capacity (40), Western-style rooms (5), Dining room, Bathroom, etc.
International House 1,788m2 For Foreign Researchers : Single rooms (2), Double rooms (2), Family room (1)
For Foreign Students : Single rooms (48), Double rooms (4), Family rooms (2)
Reception Lounge, Trunk room, Training room, Preparation room, Study room, Conversation room, Laundry rooms (5), Office
Single rooms (12.5 - 17.1m2), Double rooms (40.2m2), Family rooms (56.4m2)
University Center
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