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Library and Facilities

Center for Student Services

The Center for Student Services aims at a "One stop service" that handles the entire needs of the student. Academic consultation, job placement and student life matters can all be answered at the Center for Student Services. The Center consists of the following three sections in order to assist students to enrich their student life.


Open student consultation section

  1. Student consultation on learning
  2. Strategy planning on student consultation
  3. Cooperation with outside organizations on student consultation
  4. Miscellaneous consultations

Career Advising Section

  1. Task planning advising for the career
  2. Cooperation with outside groups on the career advising
  3. Student advice
  4. PR activities regarding career advising
  5. Acquisition and analysis of information relevant to job placement
  6. Participation in career education
  7. Other employment search support

Student Life Assistance Section

  1. Student disciplinary and award rules
  2. Campus traffic regulation
  3. Student-related events
  4. Student groups and meetings
  5. Student extracurricular activities
  6. Operation of facilities for physical education and extracurricular activities
  7. Exemption and deferred payment for entrance fee and tuition
  8. Scholarships
  9. Management of student dormitories and student welfare facilities
  10. Other student life assistance
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