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About UEC

UEC Vision

The paradigm shift of knowledge is brought about by borderless mutual inspiration of deeply engrained wisdom and a firm foundation of knowledge, under constantly changing environments with pluralistic diversity, that is, the dynamism of comprehensive communication sciences.
While respecting the activities of individual, we will continue to be the base for creating knowledge dynamism of education and research related to comprehensive communication sciences and continue to return this knowledge to the global society. In addition, we, as a university internationally recognized for excellence in education and research, will train innovation leaders who will contribute to the construction of a sustainable development society by collaboration that is not bound by existing frameworks.

【 Education and Research 】
As a university with world-class educational and research capabilities, we provide an environment where global and unique students and researchers can gather to pursue their activities in a borderless manner. Within the dynamism of comprehensive communication sciences, we will train human resources capable of leading the advancement of science and technology, with interdisciplinary and pluralistic thinking power, while keeping their own expertise, and also will create ‘fusion-border’ based academic disciplines that are not bound by established concepts.

【 Circulation of Knowledge 】
As an internationally recognized university, we will actively promote practical education and research activities harmonized with society by collaborating with organizations, regions, and industries. We will play a reliable role for the realization of sustainable society for the benefit of all mankind.

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Characteristics and Appeal

Fully equipped education and research environment and high employment rate for UEC graduates.

The Guiding Principles

The University of Electro-Communications (UEC), aiming for the creation and achievement of knowledge and skill to contribute to the sustainable development of humankind, has the following three mission policies.

For the realization

UEC Vision

The mission statement of the University of Electro-Communications (UEC) mentions that we will cultivate academic excellences that bring about bright future of the earth and humanity, as well as create knowledge and skills.

Comprehensive Communication Sciences

"Comprehensive Communication Sciences", which UEC advocates, promotes research and education in accordance with two purposes of "communication": (1) communication as a target of scientific and engineering research, and (2) communication as a tool for promoting collaborative research.

Gender Equality Program

Through the implementation of our Action Plan to promote the Gender Equality Program, we will create an environment where students and young researchers from around the world can gather to enthusiastically study and do research in a free and relaxed atmosphere and thereby give birth to new and unique ideas.

About UEC