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Special Programs in the Graduate School

These special programs were created to achieve distinct educational goals, and they are set up to operate across the graduate school departments. In addition to the departmental curriculum, special program participants undergo unique education and research instruction to ensure achievement of the goals of the special program. Those who complete the program are issued a special certificate of completion in addition to their master's or doctoral degree.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) International Program

This program is open to master's and doctoral students and seeks to generate researchers and expert specialized engineers who are rich in the international-mindedness, creative ability and applied skills that are needed in the ICT field. The program is set up with a practical curriculum that stresses international experience and is based on lectures conducted in English.

Specialized Program to Train Advanced IT Specialists

This program is for master's degree students, and its goal is to train world-class applied software development engineers. The curriculum is set up with liaisons and cooperation with industry and emphasizes cultivating talented individuals who can conduct practical development using CAD.

Advanced Optical Science Program

This program is open to doctoral students, and its goal is to cultivate capable researchers who have the initiative to pursue their own research and have an international perspective. The program is composed of a systematic optical science curriculum tied to today's cutting-edge research. Lectures are conducted in English.

Super Collaborative Graduate School Program

The goal of this program is to cultivate innovative doctorate degree holders who truly respond to the needs of society. This is a joint industry/academia/government project that includes 15 public and private universities as well as corporations and research institutions. The doctoral-level education conducted under this program wouldn't be possible at any one graduate school, because this program benefits from the collaborative effect that comes from putting into effect the unique strengths of industry, academia and government.

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