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Graduate School of Information Systems

The research focus of this graduate school covers a broad range of research in the design, building, administration and evaluation of information systems as well as their relationship to humans and society. This independent graduate school was founded in April 1992 as an education and research organization to cultivate talented individuals specializing in the study of information systems.
Since the school's founding, the dramatic development of computers and networks has pushed information systems into every corner of our daily lives, and they have become vital to all social activities. As a result, in April of 2007, the Graduate School of Information Systems was reorganized into four departments in response to the changing times and demands. The graduate school's goals are to achieve new developments in the study of information systems, with a particular emphasis on enriching education and research fields related to humans and society and information systems, and to cultivate IT leaders and advanced IT engineers and researchers.

Graduate School of Information Systems Departments

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Visit this site for more details about the departments, including major research areas.

Admissions Policy

The graduate school admits a wide-range of students from Japan and abroad who would like to spur further development in the advanced information society and have a strong desire to creatively build a variety of new information systems (computers, communication, society, ecosystem, environment). We look for students whose goal is pioneering work in the theoretical and technological foundations for these systems.

Paths after Graduation or Program Completion

Further Education

Most students enter the workforce after completing the master's degree program, but around 10 percent advance to the doctoral program in order to acquire further specialized academic learning.


Graduates of the graduate school are active in many industries mainly in fields closely related to their specialty in university, and have a great reputation. The most common places of employment include a wide variety of fields that put to use the distinctive features of a university of engineering science, such as the electronics, communications device and computer manufacturing industry and research and technology jobs related to information processing.

Education Program
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