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Department of Human Media Systems

The Department of Human Media Systems targets information systems deeply tied to human beings and seeks to understand human behavior such as our sensory and motor systems and information processing in the human brain. Based on this knowledge, the department conducts education and research on interactive interfaces, effective information presentation methods, behavioral media and intelligent systems that function in harmony with humans as represented by intelligent robots.

Learning/Teaching Goals

Please refer to the Graduate School of Information Systems' education policy for department learning/teaching goals.

Original website of the Department of Human Media Systems

(Opens in a new window.)Department of Human Media Systems

See this site for a general introduction to research in this department as well as more detailed information on the department.

Subject Areas

This department has the following six subject areas.

Laboratory for Human Informatics

The goal of this subject area is to seek out and collect the information that will become the standards for reflecting human characteristics in information systems design and the information that will become the basis for predicting the effects of information system usage on humans and also to study human characteristics themselves.

Laboratory for Media Systems

This subject area investigates information media, such as verbal and nonverbal communication and intelligent user interface systems that support human intellectual and creative activities.

Laboratory for Interactive Systems

This subject area investigates means of interacting with information that effectively uses man's five senses. We engage in comprehensive research of the various influences that interactive media systems, such as interactive systems that combine the real and virtual worlds, have on humans.

Laboratory for Intelligent Systems

The education and research target of this subject area is intelligent systems that operate together with humans in a variety of environments with the emphasis on physical services tied to the movement of objects that will aid people in their working lives.

Laboratory for Biological Information Systems

This subject area conducts research regarding the physical and biological fundamentals that are characteristic of life and humanity viewed as information systems, and search for engineering applications for the particular information systems characteristic of living organisms.

Laboratory for Control Systems

This subject area conducts research and education applicable to real mechanical systems using new control theories. Examples are research related to human dynamics, movement control mechanisms and their applications to robotics.


All the information related to classes including list of classes, diagram of classes and syllabus are gathered at the link below. Please refer to this information when deciding on which classes to take.

List of Instructors

Please refer to the list of instructors in the Graduate School of Information Systems.

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